Ed Santiago's CGI Experience

Here are some CGI scripts I've developed. Where possible (ie, unless they are internal-use-only), links to them have been added.

LANL Tech Area & Building Locator Los Alamos is a huge area, and when someone mentions "TA-53" or "building sm502", you can't always know what they mean. Using readily available online maps, I manually entered coordinates for buildings, then wrote a script that read the coordinates and highlighted them on the maps. I'm particularly proud of this one, even though it could stand to be rewritten entirely.
Glorified finger This simple script lists people in the local LANL divisions. It's just a front end to the Lab's LDAP server, but presents listings in an intuitive manner, with useful crosslinks.
Group Roster (LANL-internal, but sample output available in PostScript or PDF) Now that there's a good employee LDAP database, it's preposterous to have group secretaries maintain group rosters / phonelists by hand. This page produces a nicely formatted one-sheet summary. This combines my love of Perl and PostScript.
Ulysses Publications Not CGI, but these pages are automatically generated from BibTeX input.
IMP (et al) Moments Extractor Provides a simple interface for obtaining Solar Wind data via the Web.
Host List (LANL-internal) Intended for new users as well as those seeking machines for parallel computing, this script generates a printable PostScript page containing a list of all UNIX hosts under my aegis. Includes a blurb on user responsibilities and pointers to documentation.
Printer List (LANL-internal) Displays a table of available printers in the NIS Division UNIX cluster.
Alexis Pass Calendar (LANL-internal) Generates a graphical (inline GIF, or printable PostScript) view of the upcoming contact times for the Alexis satellite.
Time & Effort Tracking (LANL-internal) This is currently used by ten groups throughout the Lab for weekly time tracking and program hours accounting. Employees enter their charge codes using a simple Web form or by e-mail to a daemon script. The group secretary can view any week at a glance, and edit the employee and charge code lists using simple web interfaces.
HP-Convex Training Registration (phased out since HP-Convex merger). Presents a list of courses being offered by Convex -- by subject or date -- and allows users to register for any. I initially wrote this as an internal tool, but it is now being used for customer classes as well.
Convex Patches (Convex-Internal; phased out since HP-Convex merger). This web tool is used by Convex Field Engineers for finding software patches appropriate to a customer site, then downloading them.
Performance Review (Convex-Internal). This was actually written by Alan Ross <aross@convex.com>, based on previous work of mine. I wrote the PostScript output and the MIME magic for sending it by e-mail.

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