Another entry from the Bad For You Cookbook. This one is a bit of work to prepare, but I think you'll agree the results are worth it.

Spinach Gnocchi with Three-Cheese Sauce

From The Bad For You Cookbook

This is a variation on a dish we first encountered during a press junket to Geneva--one of those miserable jobs that somebody has to do. Actually, most people don't realize just how much work it is to be escorted around glamorous foreign cities while not spending any money. Earlier in the Day Of The Gnocchi, we had been taken to a trade center and shown a filmstrip on the machine-tool industry, and then escorted through a string of historic buildings by a tour guide who had been vaccinated with a phonograph needle. Finally, we got to see the famous monument to the heroes of the Reformation. After staring at a statue of John Calvin--and having it stare back--you need a dish like gnocchi with three-cheese sauce to put you back in the proper voluptuary's perspective on life.

  2 pounds  potatoes, peeled and quartered
     12 oz  fresh spinach
         2  egg yolks
    3 Tbsp  Parmesan
   1/3 cup  flour

Three-Cheese Sauce

   1/2 cup  butter
   2/3 cup  grated Parmesan
1 1/2 cups  heavy cream
 1/4 pound  Gorgonzola
      3 oz  Mascarpone

Chris Maynard, Bill Scheller; The Bad For You Cookbook; Villard Book, Ny, 1992; ISBN 0-679-73545-3
Ed Santiago