Ed's VFR Cross-Country Navigation Form

It seems like everyone has their favorite navigation form for planning cross-country flights. Sporty's lists at least five. My CFI has his own favorite. Based on his, I have taken the liberty of creating one myself.

The Form

...looks like this (click on either side for a blowup view):

Sample Nav Form left-hand-side right-hand-side

Yes, it's half upside down. This is intentional. If you fold it in half, it fits perfectly on a kneeboard or small clipboard. You keep the navigation side facing up, but can easily flip to the more useful parts (fuel, ATIS) if you have the clip on the top part.


My reasons for liking this form are:


The form is available in PostScriptTM format only. Any laser printer should handle it, but unfortunately most Wintendo and MacInTrash machines can't deal with raw PostScript files. If someone wants to send me instructions for DOS/MAC weenies, I'll be glad to post them here.

The latest revision of the form is 1.32, dated 24 October 2003, and is available as PostScript or PDF.

The form prints on 8½x11" paper, with a half-inch margin for inkjet printers. It should work on A4 paper, although the fold line may be weird.


As I mentioned above, everyone has his/her favorite form. Here are some links to other peoples' favorites online:

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